Medium brown skin with metallic tones to it, covered in blade-like protrusions (particularly on the arms, legs, shoulders, back, and head) and a sharp-toothed little grin. Wearing slightly ragged, simple, loose-fitting clothing.


Reason for imprisonment Associating with Cannibals


Born in the Elemental Chaos, in a place tainted by the abyss. Growing up he ran away from home when he was young, wandering the chaos alone, driven by some unknown thirst within. Somehow, through some combination of luck, skill, and demonic grace… he managed to make it on his own for over a year before he was drawn by some trick of the infernal taint to a cult of Orcus that accepted him in openly. A couple years of training with the cult, teaching in unarmed fighting, before he moved to another branch of the cult, in the material plane.

He had only been with the new branch of the cult for a few days before he managed to take the lead of the other apprentices, leading fairly, but with a notable cruel streak. This only had the chance to continue for a couple weeks they were raided by a group of adventurers. Apparently some of the leaders of the cult had not been very discreet and were trailed with kidnapping victims intended for a feast that night. That feast never happened as all the members of the cult were either killed or arrested. Being one of the younger, less-trained members, he opted to surrender after seeing one of the higher ups easily killed and was knocked out. Next thing he knew, he was waking up in prison.

[Fate tags—Survivalist, Cruel Streak]


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