Skarn City is the largest city in Krydia in the world of Starbreak.


Geography and Climate




Foodstuffs : The main foodsource gathered inside the city limits (or, more accurately, by citizens) is fish, but in the outlying duchy (Coravelli’s title of Duke technically outranks his title of City Master, but only when the king is counting) there are hundreds of outlying farms. Produce and livestock are brought into the city from the farms by wagons, everyday, early in the morning, to any of a half dozen foodmarkets, often from as far as fifty miles away. Farmers typically only make one or two trips to market in a week due to the travel involved and the need to bring enough foodstuffs to make the trip worth it.

The wagons start rolling in two hours before dawn and begin leaving at around 6 in the afternoon, or whenever they have sold out. Because of the limited space inside the city to sell and the crowded streets one must navigate inside the city, many farmers simply park outside the gates and let their customers come to them. It is a well known fact that the freshest goods can be gotten for a better price in the early hours of the morning, as long as one is willing to do a little legwork.

Since they were practically unenforcable, the city taxes on food brought in were repealed centuries ago. Food is still more expensive in the convenient interior markets, but not devestatingly so.




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