Krydian Political Structure

Krydia is a feudal monarchy, ruled by a King. The kingdom is further subdivided into Duchies, Baronies, Counties, and Cities or Towns.

  • Duchies (or Districts) are ruled by Dukes and Duchesses, 400-600 miles across.
  • Each Duchy has 3-10 Baronies ruled by Barons and Baronesses, 100-200 miles across.
  • Baronies have 10-20 Counties governed by Counts and Countesses, each 20-30 miles across.
  • Towns and Cities inside of counties are ruled by Maesters.

Individuals may hold multiple titles vertically but not horizontally. Thus, the same person could be a Countess, and a Baroness, but cannot be a Countess of multiple counties. This prevents single nobles from consolidating power in a way that could potentially overtake the King, and so the kingship has remained relatively secure for centuries.

For Example, City Master Vincent Coravelli is a Duke, Baron, Count, and Maester. Interestingly, he prefers the title City Master to his other, higher-ranking titles.

Krydian Political Structure

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