1. Krydia
      1. Geography
      2. Political Structure
      3. Economics
      4. Demographics
      5. Notable Cities

Having named an entire continent after themselves, Krydians are in general knowledgeable, skilled, well-traveled, and thoroughly pompous. Olive skinned and with black hair, a Krydian is at home on his family farm, in a bustling city, or even at sea. There are many fine universities in the Krydian cities, and some of the world’s best cartographers, explorers, and sages can be found here. The Krydian people are generally literate, to better serve their love for news and gossip from the rest of the world. They also boast both a sizable navy and numerous private merchant and exploring vessels.

Nestled on the Kex (or Kel) River in the foothills of the Hoartooth Mountains lies Hellex (or Hellek), the capitol city. On the coast inside a gulf to the west is Makril, the center of the state-run Krydian Church of Pelor. On The southern edge of the east coast is Skarn City, the largest and wealthiest city. A military threat remains in a few uncontrolled areas: the Grellad forest in the northwest and the southern swamps. Gnolls raid from their forest dens and many dark and evil creatures call the swamps home. Aside from border guards and cavalry patrols, few Krydians ever go near those places.

Krydia is bordered to the north by the dwarf-controlled Hoartooth Mountains and the frozen Gurd-lands, controlled by a loose alliance of barbarian tribes. The Merkon Jungle borders Krydia to the south.


Krydia has an area of about 2,010,000 square miles.

Krydia’s landscape is diverse, ranging from vast, flat plains to snow-peaked mountains. Both the eastern and western coastlines as well as most of the southern border are largely grassy plains with a few hilly, wooded, or swampy areas. As one travels towards the center the landscape turns to rolling hills and then low mountains. North of the center, the mountains become higher and colder until they are so inhospitable as to be fit only for Dwarves and Madmen.

There are two massive forests within Krydia’s borders, Grellad in the west and Scarwood in the east. Both are gnarled, ancient, and uninviting.

South of the border the winding river Kel splits and drains into two marsh deltas which border the seas. These swamps are not claimed by Krydia and are considered uninhabitable.

Political Structure

Krydia is divided into Districts ruled by nobles in a feudalistic society. All answer to a king, and for over 90 years there has been no open warfare between the houses. Many Barons and Baronesses, however, seek to gain more power for themselves, and some are ambitious enough to use less-than-honorable means to do so.



The nation of Krydia has a population of about 152,000,000 humanoid citizens. Humans make up the majority, followed by elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes in roughly equal amounts. Half-elves and Dragonborn make up a small percentage, with the remaining 5% being the various free humanoids and other creatures who can claim citizenship. Race Population Percentage Human 83,600,000 55% Elf 13,680,000 9% Dwarf 13,680,000 9% Halfling 12,160,000 8% Gnome 12,160,000 8% Half-elf 6,080,000 4% Dragonborn 3,040,000 2% Other 7,600,000 5%

Notable Cities


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