Zaxrot Muleback, purveyor of magical liquids

He's got everything you need, provided you need 1d6 potions of healing.


Born to a succesful goblin family of leatherworkers, Zaxrot took longer than average to understand the concepts of “civilized society” and “personal property”. After being sentenced to Ashtower, he discovered his talent as a entrepreneur in a literally captive market. Unsure how far his abilities would take him “on the outside”, he’s ditched every work detail for the last two years.

Zaxrot accepts gold and gems at full value, and trades (not buys) at a healthy 30% (to keep the business coming back). He isn’t magically inclined, but knows enough arcana to avoid getting ripped off. On any given day he will have 1d6 healing potions available (at the standard markup, of course). Additionally, he sometimes has other magic items for sale that he’s recieved in trade, but anything that he can’t move will likely get spent as a bribe or tossed to the witch rats within a week.

Zaxrot has developed sleeping standing up into an art form. In another life, he would have made an excellent watchman.

Zaxrot Muleback, purveyor of magical liquids

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