• Cale Byron

    Cale Byron

    Former river pirate. Long years in a cell led him to a greater appreciation of nature.
  • Fin Reice

    Fin Reice

    "Resurrection Man" convicted and sentenced to Ashtower. Oblivious to most dangers. Appreciates shovels.
  • Fin Riece

    Fin Riece

    Don't piss me off, I'll get mad! ... ...I mean it... I'll get bitter mad!!!! ...back off man... *Turns and runs*
  • Isa


    An immortal capable of living a thousand lifetimes. This time she seems to have forgotten the rule about shoplifting...
  • Isa


    An immortal capable of living a thousand lifetimes, summoning her spirit fox to steal keys into her past lives unlock the mysteries of them.
  • Tethik


    Medium brown skin with metallic tones to it, covered in blade-like protrusions (particularly on the arms, legs, shoulders, back, and head) and a sharp-toothed little grin. Wearing slightly ragged, simple, loose-fitting clothing.